Yuan Li is licensed to practice in California and is admitted to the bar of the US Federal Court in the Central District of California. He is also a licensed attorney in China, and has several years of experience of legal practice there. He is familiar with the laws of China and the United States, and has extensive litigation experience. In addition to criminal and civil litigation, he has done substantial research on corporate governance, Anti-Unfair Competition Law of China, Intellectual Property Law, government supervision, and other business areas. Since starting his attorney practice in 2010, he has worked in the Shanghai office of Dentons Law Firm and major government departments of economic supervision in Shanghai. He is now committed to dedicate to the exclusive litigation and other legal services to the Chinese community in California.

Yuan Li holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Sichuan University, and earned his Juris Doctor Degree from East China University of Political Science and Law and the University of California, Berkeley. He also obtained the Science and Technology Law Certification from the University of California, Berkeley.

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