Whether you have been charged with a serious crime, or merely issued a summons for a traffic violation, attorneys at Demidchik Law Firm understand your predicament and possess the advocacy skills to help you through and out of the criminal justice system.

Drug Crimes

Drug-related offenses involve the illegal possession, sales, distribution and manufacturing of certain controlled substances. A drug crime may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony with varying penalties depending on the type of drug, the amount and the type of offense allegedly committed.

Facing drug charges can be confusing and intimidating. Enlisting the guidance and support of an experienced criminal attorney is the best thing you can do to protect your freedom and your future. This is why we recommend you to schedule a consultation with one of our criminal attorneys today.

Domestic Violence

Whether you are a victim of domestic violence, or feel you have been wrongfully accused, our seasoned criminal defense attorneys can help you navigate through the complexities specific to domestic violence cases. Schedule a consultation with us here at Demidchik Law Firm.

Credit Card Fraud

Credit card theft is a serious offense that can end up in a felony conviction. Whether you have been accused of stealing or using a credit card without the account holder’s consent or used your card after it was cancelled or expired, it is imperative that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible. In Demidchik Law Firm, our skilled attorneys can provide you with the proper legal assistance to help prove your innocence. Contact us now to have all your questions answered!


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Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to evaluate each situation individually, and help you get the charges dismissed or reduced.

Unlicensed Massage

If you are arrested for administering unlicensed massages, you will need an effective, experienced advocate on your side. The attorneys of Demidchik Law Firm have the experience, knowledge and language skills to assist you in your legal battle. Contact us today!

Traffic Violation

Before you pay your traffic ticket, discuss your case with an attorney at Demidchik Law Firm

White Collar Crimes

Our attorneys have the experience, knowledge and language skills to help you get the charges dismissed, reduced or, if convicted, to avoid a harsh sentence

Post-Conviction Appeals

Our attorneys have the experience, knowledge and appellate expertise to mount a serious challenge to any judgment currently pending against you

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