Natalie Quinonez graduated from Barry University School of Law in 2011. She is admitted to practice in the state of Florida. Her personal connection with Immigration Law comes from her own parents’ journey, immigrating to the U.S. from South America. While at Barry Law she worked as a translator for the Immigration Clinic. Now, Ms. Quinonez attends immigration courts all over the United States, using her experience and passion to help those seeking asylum, as well as other paths to obtaining a lawful status. Her work in the Personal Injury legal field started in 2005 while she was obtaining her bachelor’s in political science from the University of Central Florida. In 2010-2011, Ms. Quinonez gained valuable knowledge as she clerked for Felony Criminal Judge Marc L. Lubet of the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida.

Ms. Quinonez is bilingual, with proficient Spanish speaking and writing ability. She currently serves as President Elect for the Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida where she has been a board member for the pasts two years.

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