Only a licensed person can practice massage therapy and can use the title “masseur”, “masseuse” or “massage therapist”. Offering a service that legally requires its worker to be licensed, while unlicensed, is punishable as an “E” felony.

This offense is not considered Prostitution, but the ramifications may be worse. When law enforcement believes an individual is involved in Prostitution (but are unable to charge them with the crime of Prostitution) they pursue this charge as means to prosecute them.

If you are practicing any business that requires a license and you fail to have one, you should consult with our criminal defense attorneys before continuing your practice. While you may have a legitimate and legal practice, it is important to be cognizant of the fact that law enforcement is aware that women and men involved in escort agencies or who work in prostitution are known to advertise massage services.

If you are arrested for administering unlicensed massages, you will need an effective, experienced advocate on your side. The attorneys of Demidchik Law Firm have the experience, knowledge and language skills to assist you in your legal battle. Contact us today!

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