FLUSHING, Queens — A 12-year-old Chinese girl is safe and with her parents in Queens tonight. But questions remain about how she got there.

JinJing Ma reunited with her parents who she hasn’t seen in two years.

The family’s attorneys, Anna Demidchik and Michael Vista released a photo of the trio this afternoon.

“She’s tired right now at the same time she’s in high spirits because she’s with her parents,” said Attorney Vista.

JinJing Ma had been on a Chinese student tour group visiting various cities in the United States.

An amber alert was triggered after the tour group reported she went to the bathroom at Washington D.C.’s Reagan National Airport and never came back. Surveillance footage later showed JinJing Ma had changed clothes and was walking with a woman through the airport.

She was walking with the same woman reportedly spotted with JinJing Ma when the tour group visited the World Trade Center site in New York City earlier in the week. Turns out the woman is her biological mother.

The man who was seen driving both JinJing Ma and the woman away from the airport is her father.

Both parents do not want to disclose their names. Their attorneys say the couple has been living in the United States for the past several years.

“They’re here lawfully,” Attorney Demidchik said. “They have the status for their paperwork it’s current.”

When the parents realized their daughter was the focus of an amber alert and at the center of a possible FBI human trafficking manhunt, they came forward.

Local immigration attorney Jean Wang told PIX11’s Mary Murphy a friend of JinJing Ma’s parents called her last night and said the parents used an “immigration consultant” to get their daughter on the tour as a means of getting the girl into the country.

The attorneys the family did retain said they’re not aware of a consultant.

“These are things right now being investigated we can’t comment on,” said Vista. “The only thing I can tell you is that our client for the time being is reunited with their daughter and she’s been released into custody of her parents.”

When we asked if the parents had started paperwork to bring their daughter here permanently, they could not say.

JinJing Ma is here on a valid tourist visa. However, a tourist visa only lasts between three and six months.

“The parents and the child are really just happy to be here for now,” said Demidchik.

This case remains under investigation by the federal authorities.

Reproduced from PIX

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