Steven Slavitt graduated from the UC Berkeley School of Law in 1983. He also holds a Master of Psychology Degree from the University of California (USC). Since that time, Mr. Slavitt has been a dedicated civil litigator for a large Los Angeles law firm. Mr. Slavitt also served as a prosecutor for the District Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles for 28 years where he was quickly promoted to Grade IV, the highest level as a trial attorney. Mr. Slavitt tried approximately 75 felony jury trials, including 16 murders. Several of these cases received a lot of publicity, including a lengthy trial where he prosecuted a doctor for killing his wife in the civil courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. Mr. Slavitt retired from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office in 2015 and then went to the Prosecutor’s Office in Hawaii where he worked from August 2015 to August 2017 handling criminal appeals, various felonies and domestic violence cases.
Mr. Slavitt currently acts as a criminal defense lawyer and civil litigator. He strongly believes that everyone deserves quality representation.
When Mr. Slavitt is not working, he enjoys surfing, playing tennis, yoga, and spending time with his family.

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